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Jimmy Butler has great response to Heat teammates interrupting interviews

Jimmy Butler had an impressive performance in the Miami Heat’s 124-108 win against the Phoenix Suns Thursday night, finishing with 34 of those points himself, going 11-of-16 shooting with five rebounds, four assists, and just one turnover. After the game, reporters wanted to talk to Butler about what he had seen on the court that night, but while he was being interviewed his teammates wanted to have a little fun and videobomb him.

Turns out Jimmy isn’t the biggest fan of the “interrupting interview” joke. To Butler, the interview, and the moment, was about his performance, not theirs, and he wanted to make that clear.

When he was later asked why he did not like his teammates stealing his thunder, Butler was blunt.

“It’s not about them right now, it’s about me,” he said while smirking.

During the start of the interview, with a smile on his face, Butler sent the first video bomber, Meyers Leonard, on his way. 

As Leonard was attempting to distract the situation waving a towel in the background, Butler said, laughing and shaking his head, “Go to the locker room, man, God.”

Bam Adebayo was the next man up, but went about his approach very differently. He slowly walked past the interview, stopping just enough ahead of Butler to be seen on screen. Even though he was not flailing around or making himself too noticed, Butler had great awareness and caught him out of the corner of his eye.

Sounding like a parent who was trying to get their kid up to their room for bedtime, Butler said to Adebayo, “Go to the locker room. Great game. Go to the locker room, please.”

What’s up next for the 6-2 Heat is their matchup with LeBron James and the 6-1 Los Angeles Lakers

I imagine Butler’s teammates will not try to video bomb him after that one.