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Kawhi Leonard rumored to have landed in Toronto, helicopters and fans follow SUV with Finals MVP apparently inside

All eyes are on two-time NBA Champion and self proclaimed “fun guy” Kawhi Leonard as the basketball world anxiously awaits his decision during free agency, but Raptors fans have taken “Kawhi Watch” to a new level. 

The initial Sunday free agency frenzy may be over, but NBA Twitter never rests. On Wednesday, a video of what looks like Leonard heading off a plane at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, and into a black SUV went viral, and people are putting on their FBI hats to break down the footage. 

Here is the video of what maybe, possibly, could be Kawhi: 

According to, the plane in the video is owned by a group that also works with the Raptors, and with ESPN’s Jordan Schultz reporting Leonard’s meetings with the Lakers and Clippers are complete, it adds up that he could be in Toronto today. 

Helicopters and cars followed the SUV in question, with the footage streamed live on major Canada news outlets, while fans gathered at a hotel where his meeting is rumored to take place. 

Of course with the drama comes the conspiracy theories, with fans joking that Instagram and Facebook were actually down so no one would know what Leonard is up to.

No word yet on whether No. 2 is the one in the car, or what colors the NBA star will be wearing next season, but until then: