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The Warriors are throwing it back to their early days in San Francisco with retro jerseys for 2019-20 NBA season

Now that the Golden State Warriors have a new arena in San Francisco it’s only fitting for the team to introduce some new uniforms to go along with it. For the first time since the team relocated from Philadelphia in 1962, the Warriors will have a jersey displaying San Francisco on the front. 

It’s not certain if these will be used heavily throughout the season as the blue and white jerseys with the Golden Gate Bridge on the front have become the mainstay for the franchise since adopting them in 2010, but it does harken back to the Rick Barry and Al Attles days when the team was called the San Francisco Warriors before switching over to Golden State in 1971. 

The rest of the Warriors’ jersey arsenal looks to stay pretty similar to what we’ve seen in years past, with updated variations of ‘The City’ and the Oakland specific ‘The Town’ jerseys remaining in the fold. In addition to the San Francisco jersey the Warriors also unveiled another all-yellow jersey to go with the city jersey with ‘The Bay’ on the front. 

Even though the Warriors aren’t too far from Oakland it’s probably still bittersweet for Warriors fans to see the team they’ve associated with Oakland for over 40 years leave for San Francisco.